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Free Download For Printable Coloring Pages

Download our exclusive printable coloring pages for your children and let them have a wonderful time filling up the color details. Simply go to our download page and select the pages you like, download and print. Our coloring pages are specially prepared by children art illustrator, Judy Lok. To download...

free printable coloring pages

Effects of social environment changes on children

Even as adults, we know that our environment can affect the way we behave but how about our children ? To what extend does social and family environment changes affect our children and what are those effects ? ... read this

Start Your Children Young On Good Habits

How can we help children to correct a bad habit and nurture good ones? Why is it so important to help our children develop healthy good habits as young as possible? ... read this

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Laughter And Humour

Laughter and humour, why is it such a vital ingredient for building a strong parent child relationship ? Humour, a sign of intelligence. Laughter, builders of strong bridges in relationships. read this

Reasons Why Children Misbehave

Tips on solving problems with misbehaving children and put you in control of the situation again. Discover the reasons behind the misconduct of your child. understanding the cause of children misbehaviour is halfway to solving it. Appropriate action is the other half. read this

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